[NAFEX] 'White Champion' Peach

Richard O'Barr aatopgunaa at mindspring.com
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Miller's also shows white champion in the 2003 catalog for zones 4-5 for $22.45.
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  Miller Nurseries had White Champion last year...you might try them...
  We have it, but have not fruited it as yet...
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    List Members:

    I've hit a wall trying to locate a particular peach and was wondering if anyone on the list may have some suggestions as to where to find it.  A friend of mine suggested I try growing a peach called 'White Champion.'  I checked the Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory to see which nurseries carry it and was surprised that only one is listed as having carried it since 1988:  Henry Field's.   Unfortunately, it's not listed in their current online catalog.

    Is anyone on the list familiar with this peach?  Does anyone on the list know of a nursery who may have trees of it for sale?  I'm going to give Henry Field's a call tomorrow, but given all the charges they've gone through in the recent past, I would feel more comfortable buying from another nursery if someone else indeed carries it.  

    If you've grown 'White Champion', would you mind letting me know your impressions of it?  

    Thanks for the feedback.


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    John A Gasbarre
    Sgroppino Farms
    Vinalhaven Island, Maine
    sgroppino at sgroppino.com
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