[NAFEX] properly hardened off plants

Kevin Bradley kbradley at ttlc.net
Mon Apr 7 10:02:45 EDT 2003

Sorry, I think the mistake was in putting them out in the cold, and that a 
refund would not be reasonable.  A nursery can try to write directions for 
every situation but it doesn't seem to me that that would be necessary in 
this circumstance. Potted plants, by the way, are an extra expense in labor 
and materials, allowing a buyer a great advantage in being able to plant 
out at any time. If its the nursery I think it is, I am amazed at the low 
prices for potted kiwis and am afraid that they will some day go the way of 
other nurseries with low prices. Hope you didn't buy a lot of them and that 
your losses are not too costly. If however, it is a retail nursery that 
should be used to dealing with the average customer, and you paid a high 
price per plant, then maybe that would be different.

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