[NAFEX] properly hardened off plants

Dan Sorensen dan.phantom at westpa.net
Sun Apr 6 17:58:14 EDT 2003


I can't tell from your message, but were the plants already leafed 
out?  Once they start growing, all kiwis are as tender to any frost as 
tomatoes.  It wouldn't matter if they were hardened or not in such a case, 
24 degrees would definitely kill any green tissue.

Dan Sorensen

At 05:23 PM 4/6/2003 -0400, you wrote:

>How hardy are small kiwi plants?
>I recently mail ordered some small hardy kiwis in 2.5 inch pots.  When I
>received them they seemed very light green like they had been started from
>cuttings in a greenhouse.  I heard we were going to have a really cold night
>so I put the flat of them up against the house and under a large overhang to
>give them some protection and hoped for the best.  This has worked in the
>past for some of my more delicate plants.  Today my kiwis don't look so
>good.  It went down to 24 last night and they look wilted and black.  Was
>this my mistake?
>I used to manage a nursery and now own a small one and it has always my
>policy to sell stock that had been hardened off first.  I'd be interested in
>your opinions.  Do you think these plants were properly hardened off?
>Should I request a free replacement?
>I'm wondering if these casualties are because of my foolishness or the
>nursery's lack of care to harden off their stock before selling it.  Any
>thoughts would be appreciated.
>Mike Levine
>Ann Arbor, MI
>Zone 5b
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