[NAFEX] Pawpaw Pollination

Gordon Nofs gc_nofs at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 6 11:51:21 EDT 2003

You have to collect every day and pollinate with the pollen the next day. 
Pawpaws blossoms are not all ready at the same time. They go on for near a 
month here. Also the female part of one blossom is not ready when the male 
pollen is ripe on that same blossom. The female part is on the end the male 
part is up at the base of the blossom. If hard not ready yet. If is ready 
when the pollen is loose enough to collect. I collect in double "OO" gelatin 
caps. This prevents the pollen from drying out and keeps viable.
  I will send you information via attachment to your e-mail.

Gordon C. Nofs
Flint, MI.

Subject: [NAFEX] Pawpaw Pollination
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 06:31:41 -0400

For folks that have done it, at what stage of flower development should
pawpaw flowers be hand pollinated with a small brush?  I have not done it
before and the flowers develop over such a long period.

Jim Nottke
Pfafftown, NC 27040
Hardiness Zone 7A

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