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Sat Apr 5 20:31:33 EST 2003

I bought a bunch of Spencer apples from a u-pick place in Spencer Mass. 
  I was very surprised to hear the apple was actually developed 
elsewhere.   The trees looked healthy, and the fruit was cosmetically 
perfect, except that some of them had a dark line running from pole to 
pole, which looked like it might have been from damage to the young 
fruit.  The defect didn't affect the flesh.  I have no idea how much 
work went into that perfect fruit, though.  Most of the other fruit 
looked good, as well.  (That orchard produced the best Macouns I've 
ever had - incredible sugar levels, large, gorgeous, and with that 
famous crunch.)

I thought the flavor of Spencer wasn't as rich as a golden delicious 
can be, but was more tart, and was pleasant in an ordinary apple-y way. 
  This isn't an apple whose flavor you'd write home about, but it's one 
you could eat a lot of.  The texture was similar to a good golden 
delicious, maybe a little softer and crunchier.  I didn't keep them 
long enough to notice their keeping quality, but they did make an 
excellent pie, and a pleasant sauce.  They were rather large.

Ginda Fisher

On Friday, April 4, 2003, at 11:08  AM, Michael Glassford wrote:

> I bought 1/2 bushel of "utility grade" Spencers from a local orchard, 
> along
> with smaller quantities of many other kinds of apples for storage in my
> in-basement root cellar. Every single one of the Spencers (that I 
> haven't
> eaten!) is in as good shape today as it was when I bought it. Better, 
> in
> fact, since they have ripened a little and the flavor has gotten both
> stronger and sweeter. It has been my favorite eating apple all winter.
> Spencer has some of the flavor of Golden Delicious (one of its 
> parents; the
> other is McIntosh), but isn't cloying like Golden Delicious sometimes 
> is. If
> they're this good picked slightly green, I wonder how they taste picked
> ripe?
> Anyway, I'm wondering in particular: are there any notable problems 
> growing
> Spencer (e.g. high susceptibility to scab, hard-to-train tree, etc.)?
> Anything else anyone can tell me would also be appreciated.
> Mike

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