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This is almost a poem.  Any poet out there who could compose some verse to 
be handed out at point-of-sale of the BeautifulFruits ?


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>I would nominate a plump yellow peach with an attractive red blush and a 
>sexy curve.
>Red currants are one of my favorite to look at.  They glisten and beg to be 
>A large lush blackberry is a sight to behold
>Red grapes, especially with a little backlighting (good for all the 
>translucent fruits).  The round ones look more beautiful to me than the 
>elongated ones.
>Apricots - like the peaches, best when mostly yellow/orange with a nice 
>Red cherries.  The sour ones are prettiest, but I like the sweet ones 
>better to eat.  The white ones taste as good, but aren't as much fun to 
>eat, somehow.
>Pomegranites - especially when ripped open to expose the berries
>Star fruit looks beautiful but isn't very good to eat.
>I'd disagree with your choice of Saturn peaches.  I've heard good things 
>about them, and seen them in the market, but I've never bought them because 
>they look deformed to me.  On the other hand, I've bought blood oranges at 
>a high price just because they were so pretty.
>On Thursday, April 3, 2003, at 06:07  PM, Doreen Howard wrote:
>>I'm compiling a list of fruits that are beautiful to look at and luscious 
>>eat--fruits that would be great to sell a farmer's markets, gourmet
>>groceries and to find as ingredients or stars of good restaurant cuisine.  
>>have a few assembled.
>>Blood orange
>>Saturn peach
>>Api (Lady) apple
>>White currant
>>What would you nominate, fruit lovers?
>>Doreen Howard
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