[NAFEX] Spencer Apple

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Sat Apr 5 13:18:51 EST 2003

     Here is what I have from The Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory:
Macintosh X Golden Delicious.  Large, nearly solid red or red striped over 
green fruit.  Crisp, juicy flesh. Fine Flavor. Core smaller than Macintosh. 
Excellent eating quality.  Vigorous upright, spreading tree.  Ripens in late 
October.  Hardy to -50 degrees F. with occasional winter injury.  Developed 
in British Columbia.
   Tom Burford states it was developed at "the Summerland, British Columbia 
Experimental Station in 1926.  Tall round to conical in shape, it is medium 
to large in size with yellow background flushed with streaked carmine or an 
orange red.  The creamy white flesh is soft and very sweet.  The tree is 
spreading and fairly vigorous and is slow to begin bearing but then bears 
full crops annually.  This dessert apple ripens in September."  Hope this 
helps you out.  Chris Patterson

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