[NAFEX] What do you know about Spencer apples?

Michael Glassford glassfordm at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 4 11:08:16 EST 2003

I bought 1/2 bushel of "utility grade" Spencers from a local orchard, along
with smaller quantities of many other kinds of apples for storage in my
in-basement root cellar. Every single one of the Spencers (that I haven't
eaten!) is in as good shape today as it was when I bought it. Better, in
fact, since they have ripened a little and the flavor has gotten both
stronger and sweeter. It has been my favorite eating apple all winter.

Spencer has some of the flavor of Golden Delicious (one of its parents; the
other is McIntosh), but isn't cloying like Golden Delicious sometimes is. If
they're this good picked slightly green, I wonder how they taste picked

Anyway, I'm wondering in particular: are there any notable problems growing
Spencer (e.g. high susceptibility to scab, hard-to-train tree, etc.)?
Anything else anyone can tell me would also be appreciated.


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