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Fri Apr 4 00:31:21 EST 2003

I'm in the process of grafting a bunch of trees for 2004 and am trying out Bud 118 for the first time.  I don't hear many people discussing this rootstock, yet what little I've heard about it has been quite positive---especially for rough Northern winters.  Is there anyone on the list who'd be willing to share their experiences with Bud 118?  I'm curious to hear what the downsides to it may be, aside from the unwieldly size of the trees it can produce.  Which apple cultivars are the best candidates for grafting onto the more 'standard' sized rootstocks like Bud 118 and Antanovka?  Which should be avoided?

Any/all feedback greatly appreciated.


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John A Gasbarre
Sgroppino Farms
Vinalhaven Island, Maine
sgroppino at sgroppino.com
USDA Zone 5

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