[NAFEX] Re: Unidentified Fruit

Doreen Howard doreenh at ticon.net
Thu Apr 3 11:36:18 EST 2003

After reading all the discussion about the mystery fruit, I'd like to add a
caution.  A couple years ago, Dr. Bargyla Rateaver of San Diego sent me a
box of sapote fruit from her trees.  They had a lovely aroma and wonderful
flavor.  But....the second the flesh hit my lips, they started to swell.
Same with the throat.  I avoided a trip to ER by gulping 50 mg. of Benadryl.
My point is, if you have a latex allergy or sensitivity, sapote will give
you major trouble.  The latex can be seen in fruit skins.
Doreen Howard
Wisconsin 4b, where the pears broke bud yesterday and the cornus mas is

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