[NAFEX] rubber constrictors

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 3 08:36:12 EST 2003

Thanks Tanis, new product to me. I went to town to the biggest electritions 
outfit and was told " We haven't used that stuff in years" So I went to the 
local hardware store and found a 3M product (Temflex # 2155) 2 bucks for 
3/4" by 22'. I'm impressed so far. It stretches beautifully and attaches 
very nicely to itself. Grafted a branch together and it looks like stronger 
support than any other method I have tried as well.  Only thing I noticed is 
that it looks best to be sure the tag end is wrapped back on itself - as it 
only sticks to itself, not the branch. thanks for the tip, Del

>Rubber electrician's splicing tape is RUBBER, slightly self-adhesive, wound 
>on the roll with a plastic backing. You cut off a couple inches, peel off 
>the backing, give the rubber a stretch, and wrap your graft.  (I use just 2 
>long slanting cuts-- 1 on the scion, & 1 on the stock.)  It holds snug and 
>seals, if you wrap beyond the union's ends.  It degrades enough w/in a 
>growing season to not worry about it.  (In several years, I think I had ONE 
>fall off a little too soon, and ONE stay on a little too long !)

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