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Several years ago I was spending some time with a family in southern 
Mexico.  One day the husband took me out in the backyard to show me his 
fruit trees.  He showed me two that I thought he called "chico sapote" that 
he was quite proud of.  I later learned they were  Manilkara zapota, a 
native of Yucatan and southern Mexico, also called "chicle" for the rich 
supply of chicle, used in chewing gum, they produce when tapped.  I now 
have two 12 inch specimens in my greenhouse started from seed I received 
from  California Rare Fruit Growers seed bank, so although they will only 
grow outdoors in climates like south Florida in this country, at least one 
person is growing them in Pennsylvania.

If you really want a lot of info on this plant check this link: 


At 12:44 PM 4/2/2003 -0500, you wrote:

>mIEKAL aND directed me to a site which described it perfectly.
>Seems that it is Sapodilla, Latin name-Manilkara zapoda,
>Family-Sapotaceae. Except in Florida, I guess it isn't grown here in N.
>America. Thanks Mike.
>Doc Lisenby
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