[NAFEX] Apricots for the midwest and east--Tomcot?

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Wed Apr 2 22:51:31 EST 2003


Bob Purvis, chairman of the Apricot Interest Group, may be able to help you w/ better recommendations and I have not yet fruited Tomcot, but I'll let you know my observations thus far.  (Don Yellman was the first to recommend Tomcot to me and the source of my scion wood).  

I have an unknown variety of apricot (scion source: my pastor), but I'm fairly sure that its Goldcot.  Next to it
is a younger Tomcot.  Given the factors (Tomcot flowering for the first time, the unknown on St. Julian A, the Tomcot on Mariana 2624, coming off of a severe drought last year where the newly planted Tomcot was somewhat stressed), its hard to determine whether my observations are based on varietal differences, but it looks like the Tomcot is approximately 3-4 days behind in bloom cycle.  So that's a plus for it, For if it is delayed regularly the better chance I have of getting a crop.  

You might do better with one of the Canadian Har--- series.  I don't know.  Contact Bob if you have a chance.

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6
40° 5' N    75° 51'W
~650 ft elevation

>Due to our late freezes (anytime thru May) we've never >planted an apricot.
>Yet remember some folks in the east who recommend 'Tomcot' >above all others
>several years ago.  This one still a winner for anybody in >the east or
>midwest? I understand it's reliable out west.

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