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Wed Apr 2 08:23:55 EST 2003

I have Harlayne. Harogem, Goldcot, and Hargrand apricots planted. These 
have suffered from wildly erratic weather (including several years of 
severe drought with little to no irrigation water available, and several 
winters/springs of wildly oscillating temperatures, in a location 
borderline for apricot), and also from my 
ignorance/incompetence/neglect. They are under organic management, but I 
knew little about growing tree fruits when I planted them, and since 
then have been concentrating mostly on the vegetable crops and 
strawberries. Many of the trees have died. The best survivors are 
Harlayne and Goldcot, but flavor on the Goldcot here is so poor they're 
not worth picking, totally bland and mushy texture. The flavor on 
Harlayne is fantastic, and my opinion of the others' flavor may suffer 
from the comparison. They all seem to pollinate fine, though at this 
point some of the surviving trees are 25' or more from their nearest 
neighbors. We get a variety of pollinating insects; I don't know what 
all of them are, but they include honeybee, what I'm fairly sure is 
orchard mason bee, and some that look like small flies.

Finger Lakes NY; zone 5 mostly

On Tuesday, April 1, 2003, at 10:10 PM, kathryn stout wrote:
> I got good fruit (and a very vigorous tree) from a
> Harcot (supposedly dwarf but it was at least 12 feet
> tall and still growing, 7 years old , when the
> woodchucks got it--burrowed under and ate the roots).
> THE FRUIT  was very good. I had to graft it with
> Goldcot for cross-pollination. (Decided to do that
> after reading the NAFEX library file on apricots.
> Apparently the best varieties vary, from one region to
> another, and claims to self-pollination--phooey. Plant
> two varieties close enough for their branches to cross
> or else graft more than one variety on one tree.
> Kurle? in Chicago? got apricots that way, that's what
> I remember reading. I tried it and it worked. Here, in
> Massachusetts. I had a Harcot tree I grafted with
> Moorpark, Goldcot, Jersey, and something else. The
> Jersey and something else didn't take, the Moorpark
> and Goldcot did, but the Goldcot was the star of
> pollination. The year after the Goldcot branch died
> (early warning of woodchuck damage--one branch wilts
> and dries up, in summer--no amount of water revives
> it)
> the Harcot didn't set fruit. But when the Goldcot
> bloomed, the Harcot bloomed, the fruit was good, on
> the Goldcot--and ambrosial on the Harcot.
> I am still getting over that woodchuck last
> summer--not
> over it yet.
> Kathryn
> kathrynwrites at yahoo.com

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