[NAFEX] powdery mildew

kathryn stout kathrynwrites at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 1 23:32:55 EST 2003

I seem to recall that bicarbonate of soda is alkaline,
that's why it's called an antacid, why people take it
for excessive stomach acid or sour stomach. 
--- Thomas Olenio <tolenio at sentex.net> wrote:
> rooting wrote:
> > The following ideas seem to be the most organic
> methods (for powdery mildew)
> >
> > <snip>
> > Milk
> > 10-20% skim milk to water ratio.  Milk seems to
> boost the plants immune
> > system to fight off fungi.  Apply liberally.
> <snip>
> Hi,
> Don't get the wrong idea about milk...  It does
> nothing for the plant other than to acidify the
> leaf surface as the milk breaks down.
> You will note that all the techniques you listed
> change the PH of leaf surfaces; sulfur (lower
> PH), lime (raise PH), bicarbonate of soda (lower
> PH), and milk breaking down to acids (lower
> PH).  Powdery mildew can only survive in a narrow PH
> range.
> If you ever have a concrete statue that you would
> like to cover with moss and lichens just pour
> milk over the concrete structure.  As the milk rots
> and breaks down it will acidify the surface
> of the concrete and make it more hospitable for moss
> and lichens, giving the appearance of being
> ancient.  I may take a number of appliations of milk
> over a couple of months.
> Later,
> Tom.
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