[NAFEX] Re: nafex Digest, Vol 3, Issue 2

Richard J. Ossolinski osso at acadia.net
Tue Apr 1 15:00:10 EST 2003

Each of the "just a Red Delicious" trees I inherited with this place is now
producing savory and desirable varieties.  If yours is not too old or too
large I'd suggest radical surgery (after all, you did say you were
contemplating "cutting it to the ground," no?)
Suggestion/proposal: cut off the entire trunk at a foot or two above the
ground, and bark graft more desirable varieties onto it.  The
existing/established root system should work to your advantage and produce
fruit (of your choice) in short order.  I have been doing this for myself and
for clients for many years, and have yet to encounter failure.  Just a thought.

Robert G. Halgren wrote:
 I should probably
> just cut it to the ground and plant something good.  The horses like
> them well enough to pull the tree over to their side of the fence, so
> maybe they aren't all bad.  Since I didn't get any fruit last year (late
> frost), I should give it another chance before I cut it to little bits.
>   Maybe it is one of the old RDs that actually taste good.
>         You may ask how I know what it is...  I saw it in fruit two years ago
> (when we were looking at the house), but recognised it for RD and took a
> couple of apples from the tree next to it (turned out to be Macintosh,
> and quite tasty).

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