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Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
Tue Apr 1 13:15:54 EST 2003

Edible honeysuckle blooms well before the Osmia bees are out.  The blossoms
will survive a surprising amount of cold - I've heard of them surviving 23 F
and still setting - but few insects are out at that time.

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Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 18:09:03 +0000
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>Lon wrote that there are not enough insects to polinate these lovelies
>they bloom so early. But, if they are a zone 2 or 3 plant, where are the
>insects in these zones at the time of bloom? Could they be wind polinated?
>think they taste good.Bruce z5 mi

I am interested in anything that can fruit in zone 2. I hope to add osmia
bees this spring if I can find affordable ones, thinking they will be out
earlier than honey bees. Are they out earlier than bumblebees?
Here, I was out yesterday chipping frozen ground, lots of snow expected
tonight.... I  figure the pollinators match the bloom because they are
awakend by the same stimuli. Del
>Del Stubbs  www.pinewoodforge.com  ag zone2/3

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