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There are many fruit tree sprays available for the backyard orchard.  See your local hardware
store and see what they offer.

If your tree is grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock, the suckers that come up will be of the
dwarfing rootsock variety and not the variety grafted to it (in your case golden delicious).

Might be fun to learn how to graft onto that seedling another apple variety.  You will only need
things that can be found in your junk drawer, and a scion of the new variety.  Lots of people
here can help to teach you how to graft.


"Robert L. Bates" wrote:

> Hello,
> First of all, I am brand new to this site and hope this is where I
> can get some answers.
> Background:
> I am in Hawaii, Zone 11 and live at 750' elevation and of course the
> winters never get 68 degrees.
> Two years ago I bought a Dwarf Golden Delicious from a nursery here
> and they said this was the only apple that would grow at this
> elevation.  The tree started bearing fruit within 2 months of going
> into the ground and hasn't slowed down yet, matter of fact the apples
> are getting larger each year.
> This isn't too bad because it seems as if every week when I cut the
> lawn I can reach out and eat a fresh apple while cutting grass.
> Questions:
> I do have some leaves on the tree that are being eaten into a lace
> pattern, however it is not always the young leaves.
> The fruit itself often has one or two little dots on the skin but
> that about all.
> Is there anything I can use for these problems?
> Lately I have noticed there are new shoots coming out of the ground
> at the base of the trunk, I carefully took the first one off and
> planted it and it seems to be growing quite well.  It is now about 3
> feet tall.  There are now 2 more new shoots coming out.
> Does anyone know if these new shoots will grow into fruit bearing trees?
> Thanks for any help you can give me.
> Bob.
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