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Kevin Bradley edforest99 at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 30 09:58:14 EST 2002

I posted a response to this last night and see that it isn't up this morning, I really don't understand how this forum works, ninety percent of my posts don't get posted.
Anyway, as I posted earlier, (he says grumpily) Bramleys survived for me during the harshest winters UNDER THE SNOWLINE, and not above in zone 3a. It died back, if I recall, in winters in the 30's (below 0 F), Topworked however, I think it is fully hardy in zone 3, but that is according to Frank Foltz, who had a Bramleys for many year in zone 3b, topgrafted. I think I recall him complaining about it for some reason, disease or low productions or something. But he never made a pie from the apples so he may not have appreciated its full worth. I would definately try it in zone 3 but only topgrafted onto a hardy frame.
My site is in a severe frost pocket so that was another reason I was hopeful for my Bramley's. (I never got around to topgrafting it and the other trees are no longer around, due to deer browse.
Thanks for bringing this up, I need to get some more scionwood of this variety.
Kevin B
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