[NAFEX] Black Gold Cherry (source?)

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>Subject: [NAFEX] Black Gold Cherry (source?)
>Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 19:45:04 -0700
>This cherry has been getting accolades lately and I would like to get
>some on dwarfing rootstocks. Raintree had them. Then the price went up
>and now they are no longer avail.
>Cornell is quite proud of them (Black and White Gold).
>Their press release is at
>Although I live in zone 3 many zone 4 plants have done well around here
>and if Global Warming is a reality I'm already in zone 4 so I want to
>enjoy it while I can.
Rodney, I suspect that Raintree will sell Black Gold and White Gold again.  
I think that they sold of Black Gold last spring, because they only listed 
White Gold in their fall catalog (being a white cherry, it may not have sold 
as well as Black Gold).

  I have my doubts, though, whether either Black Gold or White Gold will do 
well in zone 3.  Perhaps the warmer half of Zone 4 would be okay.

Another source of these two new cherries is J.W. Jung Seed Co., 335 S. High 
St., Randolph, WI 53957--0001 (phone 1-800-247-5864).  or go to 
www.jungseed.com .  I've been doing business with this firm for a number of 
years and they are very reliable and service-oriented.--Sam Brungardt, St. 
Paul, MN (zone 4b)

>Rodney Eveland - Gillette, Wy
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