[NAFEX] Esopus Spitzenburg apple

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Sat Nov 30 20:41:58 EST 2002

Hello list,
This fall, I had the chance to visit a conservation orchard in Frelighsburg
with a group led by Hélène Dessureault and we picked many apples of many
famous varieties.
Among them, I was seduced by the Esopus Spitzenburg. This apple has an
extraordinary taste with a lot of zip. I simply loved it to the point I
thing it is the best apple I have ever eaten...
I know I have the opportunity to get scion wood of the variety, but before
I spend time and energy I would like to have your opinion on the chances
this variety has to ripen high quality fruits in my orchard which is in
Quebec, zone 4  with a short growing season.
I succeed in growing Cortland, Empire and many of the PRI scab free apples
like Freedom and Liberty, but many very late ripening apples like Roxbury
or Golden Russet, although hardy, don't develop well in my place. So if
someone out there has a similar climate to mine and grows Spitzenburg
apple, please let me know.
Claude Jolicoeur

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