[NAFEX] Bramley Apple Information?

Claude Jolicoeur cjoli at gmc.ulaval.ca
Sat Nov 30 20:24:37 EST 2002

I grow this apple near Quebec, zone 4. It is on Ottawa-3 rootstock, planted
in 1994, had its first fruits in 2000. The tree seems hardy for the
climate, is very vigorous and healthy, doesn't get scab at my location
(which is quite bad for scab). It is among the latest to ripen in my
orchard - this year I picked them on October 12, and it keeps well, and,
more important, it ripens well at my place which has a short season. The
apple is big, high acidity with an excellent flavor. As of Fire blight, I
can't comment as I an fortunate not to have any in my orchard. I would
surely recommend it in zone 4, but I don't know for zone 3. I haven't had
enough production yet to try to press the apples for cider - hopefully next
Claude Jolicoeur

A 18:35 02.11.30 -0700, vous avez écrit :
>This apple seems to have more mention in various web sites than any
>other. (nearly all in England). The English seem to think that an apple
>pie is not an apple pie unless it is made from a Bramley. They also
>think it's pretty good for cider. This kind of talk excites me. Does
>anyone know the charcteristics of this apple? zone, ripening date, does
>it fall in love with blight or put up a fight?
>R Eveland Gillette, Wy zone 3

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