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Joe Hecksel jhecksel at voyager.net
Mon Nov 25 14:20:03 EST 2002

> Kevin Bradley wrote:
> > I did a little searching on the internet and in nafex archives. Came 
> > up with very little. I was trying to find that post done by I think 
> > was Doc Lisenby about pear rootstocks, mentioning either OH x F 513 
> > OH x F 51.
Joe writes:

Studies out of British Columbia suggest that OHXF 51 lacks cold 
hardiness.  I don't think the fruit growing regions of British Columbia 
are as cold as Madison, Wisconsin.


Another interesting site is 

Orchard Systems

What rootstock does Mielke like for green d'Anjou? While trees on Old 
Home by Farmingdale (OHxF) 97 have produced as
well as other rootstocks, OHxF 87 produced double the crop of OHxF 97 in 
the fifth leaf. (Spreading is key to early bearing
for pears on OHxF rootstocks.) The annual production advantage did not 
last beyond the sixth leaf in Mielke's trial, but as
Clark Seavert has taught me, the time-value of money makes this early 
difference something to consider. While OHxF
rootstocks other than 97 and 333 were difficult to obtain in the past, 
adaptation of new propagation techniques means that
OHxF 87, 69, and 40 are and will be available options for growers. 
at the bottom where the author writes of "orchard systems""

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