[NAFEX] Organic Blueberry & Grape Production

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John Cuddy wrote a very good book on blueberry growing based on his own
experience.  I'ts not organic, but will help a lot.  It's one of those
"print on demand" things, so you can order a recent update from him.
<Cuddy at win.bright.net>
   The ASHS has recently published a book on muscadines which, while not
organic, is extremely good.  It's really spendy, though.  My own book has
organic methods that will apply to muscadines well.
-Lon Rombough
Announcing The Grape Grower.
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combination of nearly 40 years of personal experience, university training,
and information from growers worldwide, this is a long-overdue  book on
grape growing that is thorough, hands-on, with an organic approach, and
covering more practical information than any other on the market today.  It
also covers more on table grapes than any book in many decades, though good
wine grapes are included, too.  It has the answers to how to grow grapes in
conditions from the equator to the arctic and is ideal for home growers as
well as commercial growers.  There is even information on how to breed
grapes.  This is a book of use to beginners, Extension agents, commercial
growers, nurseries, Master Gardeners, and more.
A description of the book is available on my website, or go to the
publisher's website at:http://www.chelseagreen.com/Garden/GrapeGrower.htm
If you would like to know more about me, the author, visit my website, and
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Lon J. Rombough
P.O. Box 365
Aurora, OR. 97002

If you want an autograph, please note it on your order.

Businesses such as nurseries, seed companies and the like who want to handle
or promote the book, please contact me and I'll put you in touch with the
right people at the publisher.

-Lon J. Rombough
Grapes, writing, consulting, more, plus word on The Grape Grower at

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Subject: [NAFEX] Organic Blueberry & Grape Production

Reading Dee's query and answers gave me an idea.

I have been asked to pull together some info on problems and benefits of
small scale production of blueberries (specifically rabbiteye) and muscadine
grapes.  If anyone on the listserve has been organically producing (not
necessarily certified) either of these crops for wholesale, retail or farm
market, or pick-you-own I would really be interested in your comments on :

successful weed control methods
alternative disease and pest control that has worked for you
varieties that have performed better than others
what you've found your best market to be
whatever other comments come to mind.

This is part of a project to explore alternative crops for small acreage
farmers being forced out of standard ag crops such as peanuts.

You can reply off-list directly to me at mays at paradisenursery.com.  I will
be happy to compile a memo listing everyone's comments and ideas post to the
listserve rather than crowding everyone's mailbox.

Thanks a bunch!  (of muscadines, of course!)


Sybil Mays
mays at paradisenursery.com
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6385 Blackwater Road
Virginia Beach VA 23457
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