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Mon Nov 25 13:51:06 EST 2002

Not only is 2-4D harmful to
plants, but it causes a variety of medical conditions in animals and people.

I agree with you wholehearthedly Doreen. The chemistry and pharmaceutical industries, not to mention the food industry are litterally OUT OF CONTROL...
Their research has given more than ever dangerous means to the profit mongrels and they have found way to bypass the regulatory process which are set in place to insure our safety and that of the environment. Unacceptable products are being placed on the markets with strictly profits as a goal. The labels tell a very partial story and a lot of good conscience has been flushed down the toilet. 

Ah!, this empty, disguised and dangerous food comes wrapped in beautiful, attractive packaging full of promises and most of us are taken by the easy convenience, the children knowing nothing else. 
Ah! these fruits are perfect, not a blemish and no danger of finding a disgusting larva in their midst... Our yards are manicured and orderly, a sure sign of prosperity!

The only control on industrial foods and drugs at this point is huge law suits down the road once the product has been proven to be harmful. Difficult to do when the people that can demonstrated harmful effects are too taken by their predicament to squeal loudly or coherently. A fairly safe risk down the road for the compagnies with lots of damages and lots of profit to be made in the meantime. Well worth their effort to hire a few relatively cheap hands to discredit the squealers occasionally.

I think that has a lot to do with Nafex... 
What is the point of going into all this hard work to grow different varieties and all this concern over producing a diversity of fruits when it is cheaper to buy whatever the stores have to offer? 

Because beside being fun and interesting to grow, the fruits are more delicious, more nutritious and less dangerous... 
To promote diversity is a necessary and healthy alternative on a human and natural scale.
Because we would be doomed, and very bored, if we left our destiny in the hands of the likes of Monsanto...

2-4D, Round-up, not to mention GMO, are for convenience, for machines but most of all for large scale profits.

What is the point of willingly introducing defoliants in our backyards and into our lives? Perfection is not real and comes at a price.

Just because we don't see immediate harmful effects except on those "unsightly dandelions" does not mean that the products are safe or good...

I feel very reassured this morning to read that someone is awake and ranting!

Zone 3-4
North of beautiful Ottawa, where we also have a hard time finding dandelions (sic). Ottawa will have to wait until 2005 before the defoliants are banned from the city lawns, mind you their use will "not be encouraged" in the meantime. I find this very encouraging, indeed.
Oops, I'm ranting too.

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