[NAFEX] Blueberry Brain Power??

VBGarden at aol.com VBGarden at aol.com
Mon Nov 25 12:29:10 EST 2002

We're getting skeptical -- around here we eat enough blueberries to choke an 
army of mice.... and neither of us can remember where we put the car keys, 
pruners, grocery list or what the name of the nice person we met at the 
meeting last week was....
Ditto on consumption of raspberries, dark grapes, tomatoes.... and red wine.  
Luckily the red wine makes us forget that we keep forgetting where we put the 
gingko biloba....



Sybil Mays
Paradise Nursery VA
"Our notion of what makes a paradise always returns to the image of a 
beautiful and fruitful garden."  --  Jeff Cox 
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