[NAFEX] Pear rootstock

parker at worldpath.net parker at worldpath.net
Mon Nov 25 00:34:28 EST 2002

Question to the rabbit:  you wrote

>Are all in the semi-dwarfing (12 - 15 foot tree) class in zone 6 and 
>above . .............
>Frankly for those in the northern climates I cannot imagine why you 
>would not use one of the OHxF clones over bartlett, winter nelis or 
>seedling rootstocks.
>the rabbit

What does zone 6 and above mean?  zones 7,8,9, etc  or zones that are 
colder (above meaning north)?
Hank Parker
Apples and maple syrup
Zone 4-3, elev. 1600 ft,
Campton, NH

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