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Sam Brungardt sam739is at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 21 06:45:42 EST 2002

Hi, Mike.  Sorry it's taken so long to get this info to you.  Lost the piece 
of paper with all the addresses I'd collected while I was home.

You can find info on hardy kiwi (Actinidia arguta) and some other Actinidia 
species, including A. kolomikta, at the following websites:

"Kiwifruit Production in Oklahoma"

"Oklahoma's Kiwi King"

Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station report, "Hardy Kiwi Variety Trial"

Ohio State Univ. Extension Fact Sheet, "Kiwifruit and Hardy Kiwi"

"Hardy Kiwifruit"

Pacific Northwest Bulletin 507, "Growing Kiwifruit"
Sorry that I do not have the URL for this, but it is available online if you 
do a search.  (I recommend using Google.com .)  It's also available for 
$2.50 from:
Publication Orders
Extension & Station Communications
Oregon State University
422 Kerr Administration
Corvallis, OR 97331-2119
fax: 541/737-0817

"New Temperate Fruits: Actinidia chinensis and Actinidia deliciosa" 
(includes info on A. arguta and A. kolomikta)

Triple Brook Farm (sells plants of improved Actinidia cultivars of several 

Mike, from what I've read, I'd recommend you do the following for growing 
kiwi in Lawrence, Kan.:

1. Kiwifruit do not tolerate winds well.  If possible, plant on the north 
side of a fence or windbreak, such as the privacy fence you have at home.  
To help the plants get sunlight, afix the trellis so that it's held away 
from the fence with "spacers."

2. Kiwifruit are shallow rooted.  In climates with a high evapotranspiration 
rate during the growing season, mulch deeply and water often.

3. A. arguta 'Issai', although self-fruitful, produces more and larger fruit 
if it is fertilized by a male A. arguta or A. kolomikta plant.  A male A. 
kolomikta ' Arctic Beauty' may be a good choice for the northside of the 
fence because it is more shade tolerant and the plants are generally less 
vigorous than those of A. arguta.

4. Squirrels love A. arguta fruit.  They KNOW when they're ready to pick.  
If you have lots of these critters, I recommend having fried squirrel and 
pan gravy with biscuits for breakfast.   Just tell the kids it's 
chicken...or quail or something else they'll eat.

Good luck with your new job and with the 'Issai' plant, Mike.  Keep me 
posted on how it's doing, and give my love to the boys.--Sam

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