[NAFEX] RE: wild blueberries

Lucky Pittman lucky.pittman at murraystate.edu
Thu Nov 21 17:52:33 EST 2002

At 01:58 PM 11/21/2002 -0500, Richard wrote:
>Both Rabbiteye and Highbush have varieties selected from the wild, but most
>are bred and the seedlings selected for commercial release.  Why do you want
>the 'wild' blueberries?  If it's for dietary antioxidants, I suggest you go
>with rabbiteye over Southern Highbush types, and that you go with the
>smallest fruit size possible.
>You can increase your antioxidant levels per cup of berries, over 10 fold,
>by choosing small over large fruit.  (Antioxidants concentrated in the
Great info, Richard - I agree on all counts

>This time of year, the rabbiteye leaf color beats highbush handsdown!

Amen to that - right now my rabbiteyes would rival any 'Burning Bush' at 
its peak fall color.


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