[NAFEX] RE: wild blueberries

Moyer, Richard ramoyer at king.edu
Thu Nov 21 13:58:57 EST 2002

Both Rabbiteye and Highbush have varieties selected from the wild, but most
are bred and the seedlings selected for commercial release.  Why do you want
the 'wild' blueberries?  If it's for dietary antioxidants, I suggest you go
with rabbiteye over Southern Highbush types, and that you go with the
smallest fruit size possible.
You can increase your antioxidant levels per cup of berries, over 10 fold,
by choosing small over large fruit.  (Antioxidants concentrated in the

Paul Lyrene in FL has screened a number of wild rabbiteye selections from S.
GA and N. FL.
An internet search for his name will acquaint you with his work.
Gerard Krewer is a UGA blueberry researcher, who also works with rabbiteye.

I've been happy with plants from Finch Nursery at
They have a wide selection of rabbiteye types.

This time of year, the rabbiteye leaf color beats highbush handsdown!
Richard Moyer
East Tenn

Rob wrote:
I'm looking for some wild blueberries for a friend of
mine.  I was told rabbiteyes are the "selected" wild
varieties. Does anyine have a suggestion on a
rabbiteye that I should try in Atlanta Geoergia?

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