[NAFEX] last meteor storm(off topic)

Trey Lewis mlewis at pelican.state.lib.la.us
Thu Nov 21 10:55:42 EST 2002


I am sure some of you set your clocks to view the meteor shower of the
19th.  Here in Louisiana, it was hazy overcast with a full moon so the
viewing wasnt up to par.  In fact, I didnt see even the first meteor.  Last
year was a different story as thousands streaked across the night sky.  I
would imagine that this wont be the last such event in our lifetime.  If
the astronomers fail to find things as large as comets, I would imagine a
couple of meteor showers in the next 10 years would not be too much of a
stretch to be overlooked.  Trouble is most of the time they are "after the
fact" events.  Many is the night I watched the fall sky for falling stars
and wasnt disappointed.  Keep looking up!


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