[NAFEX] Milo Gibson

John Bunker jbunker at gwi.net
Wed Nov 20 20:21:24 EST 2002

On two different occasions this fall I ate Milo Gibson apples.  I'd never
had them before this year.  I liked it quite a bit.  It is a very unusual
tasting apple.  It was quite popular with nearly everyone who tried it.

Are any of you familiar with it?  I'd like to hear your experiences with the
apple.  What is the history behind it?  Who named it and what is the
connection between the apple and Milo Gibson himself?

And, speaking of unusual tasting apples, I also tasted MN 447  (parent of
Sweet 16 and Keepsake) for the first time.  One fellow from Cape Verde (off
Senegal) who was with me described it is as tasting like sugar cane and
molasses.  I've never eaten sugar cane.  I only had one apple, but it
certainly made me want to try it again.


John Bunker

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