[NAFEX] the instant grape juice...

del stubbs pinewoodel at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 16 23:26:45 EST 2002

The instant grape juice trick I learned about on this forum this fall....I 
had one bunch of delicious valiant grapes left over from our first little 
harvest. Dipped them quickly in boiling water, put them in a quart jar with 
a couple tablespoons of sugar, poured on fresh boiling water, and sealed.
The lid sealed down ok. Over the next 2 weeks I could see the  dark purple 
color rising up from the depths, my anticipation rising with it. Alas, it 
got lost behind other jars, now 6 weeks later it is rediscovered..with mould 
on top....oh drat, and it is still sealed.
Will try again next year with more samples, the idea intrigues me.
Should I have mixed up the gradation ?
Toss it?
Can it yet turn to vinegar?

Del Stubbs  www.pinewoodforge.com  ag zone2/3

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