[NAFEX] Meteor Shower(off topic)

LONGDISTSHTR longdistshtr at InfoAve.Net
Sat Nov 16 14:49:55 EST 2002

Del, as I understand it we will be treated to the best show at about
0500-0600R (5:00-6:00 am EST) Tuesday, 19 Nov.'02, but can see some
beginning at 2300R (11:00 pmEST) Monday, 18 Nov.'02 until dawn.
The Earth passes through the comet dust of the Tempel-Tuttle Comet and
this increases the usual number of "shooting stars" seen; thus the term
The full moon's radiance is expected to reduce the number we can see
this year.
By the way, they will be near the Constellation of  Leo and this year,
near the Planet Jupiter which should be in the East South East, I
With our luck, it will be snowing in apple country and raining here in
the muscadine country. Eh?
Doc Lisenby
Zone 7/8

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