[NAFEX] raspberry fool

Lon J. Rombough lonrom at hevanet.com
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Raspberries are usually at their best in a bed with lots of organic matter,
preferably in the form of a heavy mulch.  That helps in several ways.
First, it keeps the moisture more constant - raspberries are apt to have
flavor problems more often if they get water stressed.  Second, and about as
important, the organic matter feeds the soil life, which helps the berries a
lot.  The best raspberries I ever saw were regularly mulched to six inches
deep, or more, with horse bedding, which was mostly sawdust and horse
manure.  The patch was like walking on a giant sponge.  Canes were 8 feet
tall and the berries were measured in pounds.  They were the best Heritage
raspberries I've had, and Heritage is not as high flavored as a lot of other

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Subject: [NAFEX] raspberry fool

In my second year in a new garden, I was offered red raspberry suckers by a
friend who was moving, and who raved about her raspberries. I am not very
familiar with red raspberries, and she couldn't provide a varietal name, but
I took a chance. The second year, in spite of droughty conditions the plants
came up strong and provided a reasonable crop of berries, the flavor of
which ranged from insipid to unpleasant. Before I rip these canes out and
start over, could a deficiency of something in the soil be responsible for
the disappointing flavor? Thanks. dylan

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