[NAFEX] Fall bearing blackberries

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Fall bearing, in this case, means producing fruit on the primocanes, like
fall bearing raspberries.  That is, if the plants freeze to the ground in
the winter, the new shoots that come up in spring will still bloom and have
a crop by late summer.  It would be a boon to northern growers.  And I found
out there IS work on such types being done at Arkansas, with the possibility
of some varieties being released in a year or two.

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Lon, I don't know about any variety names, but there was something in
Medieval England about not
picking blackberries after Michaelmas. Maybe some blackberries are late
ripening, but not 'fall'
- I picked right into October this year because there had not been a frost
yet and in one place
they were just starting to ripen. ........vic

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