[NAFEX] Good Nurseries

mIEKAL aND dtv at mwt.net
Thu Nov 14 09:27:43 EST 2002

plus you have the cheapest organic seeds on the planet, a lot of us 
around here get seeds from you.


On Thursday, November 14, 2002, at 08:15 AM, John Bunker wrote:

> on 11/13/02 12:31 PM, paul simon at paul.simon at tcs.wap.org wrote:
> Not to toot my own horn, but some or all of you may want to check out 
> our
> nursery catalog.  We have some stuff on line and more in our 
> "old-fashioned"
> paper catalog.  We also do special orders, custom grafting and have 
> scion
> wood.
> Regards,
> John Bunker
> Fedco (Trees, Seeds, Bulbs, Seed Potatoes, soil amendments, tools and 
> more)
> Waterville, Maine
> fedcoseeds.com

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