[NAFEX] Re: Figs as container plants

Kristina & Bruce herenorthere at lycos.com
Wed Nov 13 19:21:19 EST 2002

>Does anyone have any experience with growing figs as container plants? I'm 
>in zone 6a in southern Missouri, and think of an indoor/outdoor arrangement.
>Also, what varieties would you recommend?  I was thinking of the Brown 
>Turkey (Eastern).
>How about a source?  Any recommendations?
>-----Suzi Teghtmeyer

I grow figs in pots here near Hartford, CT.  For guidance, you can do no better than the NAFEX fig interest group page by Ray Givans or his own site at http://web.infoave.net/%7Ethegivans/.  Mine are dormant outside right now and will get a few coats of WiltPruf and be wrapped up in burlap before going into the garage later this month.  It's a drafty, 80 year old detached garage, so they get pretty cold in there.  My main tree is a Hardy Chicago and I also have a couple youngish white fig trees, one of which might be a Brunswick.  That one didn't ripen the figs it started late this year, but the other, which gets large stripey amber colored figs with a white interior, ripened a couple.  Both of the white fig trees are from cuttings started in late summer 2001 and they're approaching 2 ft now.  A lot of cutting trading goes on and it's a great way to build a collection.  I can send you a couple from the Hardy Chicago if you want to try that variety.  Commercial sources (of anyth
ing other than the Brown Turkey) are rather pricey, given the ease of propagation and relatively fast growth.
Bruce in CT, Zone 6

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