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Thats got to be the place I thought I heard 7 acres, but didn't want to say 
so and be wrong.

Gordon C. Nofs
Flint, MI.

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Gordon wrote;

>While still in bed listening to the radio this morning: I heard mention of 
>? acres of antique varity of apples being planted down south some civil war 
>site or something. They supposedly rare and antique apples were purchased 
>in Michigan. I can think of only 2 places that they might have come from. 
>Anyone have a definite answer?



This note was in the Washington Post  yesterday.  Antietam is south of 
Hagerstown, MD, (not in the South in my viewpoint). I was half thinking of 
throwing a shovel and wheelborrow in the back of my PU and driving the 70 
miles over, but then have too many unfinished jobs hanging on coathooks 

Paul S.

Apples Ahead for Antietam

The landmarks at Antietam National Battlefield already include one 
agricultural feature, the cornfield. Soon there will be another: the apple 

Rangers and volunteers plan to plant 350 apple trees this fall to help 
restore the Piper farm, one of the homesteads on the property, to the way it 
looked on the eve of the Civil War's bloodiest one-day battle.

A nursery in Michigan is supplying eight apple varieties -- Baldwin, English 
Russet, Fornwalder, Gilpin, Jefferis, Maidenblush, McLellan and Northern Spy 
-- for the project, said Joe Calzarette, Antietam's natural resources 

He said the National Park Service needs volunteers to help plant and tend 
the trees on seven acres of the 3,255-acre park.

The original, 17-acre Piper orchard was occupied by Confederate troops Sept. 
17, 1862, when Union and Confederate forces clashed along Antietam Creek 
near Sharpsburg in a battle that left more than 23,000 dead, wounded or 

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