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boyd manges bmanges at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 12 17:35:58 EST 2002

I guess i have to stand up for raintree and one green
world.  about half of my small orchard comes from
either of these 2 companies.  The apple trees were
similar in caliber to rocky meadow and cummins and
close to the same price...no misidentifications in
over a dozen trees that have fruited so far.  They
promoted sea buckthorn early and I recieved a pair of
huge bushes from raintree for a good price early on
(1997), when both proved to be females--no problem
getting a male replacement. I picked my first pint of
berries this year and I am pleased.  big goumis, large
fruited cornilean cherries--which make juice to die
for, huge myroblian plum hybrid (Komet) from Russia
which produced plenty of nice, non-astringent plums in
a disasterously wet spring, akebias in three colors,
raintree is selling Decaisnea fargesii this fall--God
only knows what THAT is! I got a great varigated hardy
kiwi 2 years ago from OGW and had a sample this
summer--very minty and refreshing and the foliage
colored up nicely this year.  The pawpaws plants from
raintree were not big, some people say you have to by
pot grown trees, but I recently planted 3 huge plants
from Nolin Nut nursery bare root and they seem to have
made it through the first summer OK, I'm willing to
take a chance. My current productive paw paw trees are
from Edible Landscaping and were shipped well-branched
in 5 gallon pots in 1996.  Both OGW and raintree sell
lot's of interesting, well shipped plants at a high
price with an excellent catalog. Van Well's, burndt
ridge, and starks are my other sources.  I'ld say they
are all pretty darn similar in quality and customer

boyd manges Z5 northern michigan   where I just froze
a gallon of paw paw pulp and picked a box of Northern Spys.

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