[NAFEX] Late pawpaws

Mark Garrison pawpaw1 at cox.net
Mon Nov 11 14:34:20 EST 2002

One of my seedlings produced quite early, almost all its 30-odd lbs. picked
by Sept 24.  Others ripened thru the season, and then there were those that
hung on until they froze.  I had little or no crop on many apple trees, but
the pawpaws came thru.  I didn't have dead squirrels right at hand to entice
carrion flies to do the pollinating, so I used an idea I heard to put a
handful of wet cottonseed meal under each tree.  Don't know if that did it
but I got a good set.

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From: "Gordon Nofs" <gc_nofs at hotmail.com>

> Mark
>    Pawpaws here at my place are usually ripe by first week of October.
> with the spring freeze at blossom time what few I had ripened l;ate and
> varieties never. I have 21 varieties, but most never even had fruit.
> Gordon C. Nofs
> Flint, MI.
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> From: "Mark Garrison" <pawpaw1 at cox.net>
> Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 17:17:18 -0500
> Several of my seedling pawpaws, producing this year for the first time,
> late ripening.  After several frosts, a leafless tree full of pawpaws is
> interesting sight. Those hangers-on that have ripened still seem ok in
> quality.  Anyone have pawpaws that hang on this long?
> Mark Garrison, RI zone 6
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