[NAFEX] bugbear virus

Ginda Kaplan Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Thu Nov 7 21:57:48 EST 2002

You are especially vulnerable if you run MS Outlook and Internet 

The minor reason is that Outlook is a little less secure than most 
e-mail programs, because it tries to do more and interact with more 
other stuff.

The major reason is that it is so popular.  Monocultures are good 
breeding grounds for pests.  This is as true of e-mail programs as of 

Diversity is good.

Ginda Fisher

On Thursday, November 7, 2002, at 04:13  PM, Thomas Olenio wrote:

> Hello,
> Viruses are designed to exploit security holes in popular email 
> programs
> (primarily Mircrosoft products).
> So the answer is "Yes you can get a virus, if your email software is
> vunerable.  You do not need to run an attachemnt to catch the virus.
> The vunerability lies in the preview feature.
> If you are not running virus protection software, or having your ISP
> screen all your incoming email for virus, you are at risk.
> Later,
> Tom
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> Southwest Ontario
> Canada Hardiness Zone 6a
> (similar to US zone 5)
> On Thu, 7 Nov 2002 MrMKoontz at aol.com wrote:
>> Hello and Help,
>> I don't really understand a whole lot about viruses.  Can you get a 
>> virus if
>> the email is in your mailbox?  Can you get it if you open the email 
>> even if
>> you don't download anything?
>> Thanks,
>> Mike
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