[NAFEX] Organic scionwood?

Ginda Kaplan Fisher ginda at concentric.net
Wed Nov 6 21:51:27 EST 2002

Well, I suppose if you wanted to avoid the residue of pesticide on that 
twig - heavens only knows how many herons it might kill - from entering 
your orchard, you might want to buy organic scionwood.

Or maybe it just makes you feel warm and fuzzy to support an organic 
farmer by buying scion wood from him.

Ginda Fisher

p.s.  I think I got a copy of that catalog, too.

On Wednesday, November 6, 2002, at 09:23  PM, fuwa fuwa usagi wrote:

> Gang:
> I just read of this term in an on-line nursery catalog.   What is 
> "organic scionwood", or perhpas better yet is there a particualr 
> reason one would care?   Is this merely a marketing ploy is there a 
> valid reason I would want "organic scionwood".
> Fluf (who is still trying to convince a nubile red-headed maiden that 
> she should dance naked with me under the autumn moon, because it 
> honors the spirit of the fruit we are about to consume in the form of 
> a bottle of wine)  LOL!!!

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