[NAFEX] Organic scionwood?

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Wed Nov 6 21:50:09 EST 2002


I can sell you some non-genetically engineered scion wood.  None of that nasty Franken-wood you see so much of.  The small price variance will allow you to sleep better at night.



fuwa fuwa usagi wrote:

> Gang:
> I just read of this term in an on-line nursery catalog.   What is "organic scionwood", or perhpas better yet is there a particualr reason one would care?   Is this merely a marketing ploy is there a valid reason I would want "organic scionwood".
> Fluf (who is still trying to convince a nubile red-headed maiden that she should dance naked with me under the autumn moon, because it honors the spirit of the fruit we are about to consume in the form of a bottle of wine)  LOL!!!
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