[NAFEX] Re: Fred Jansen's Orchard

Thomas Olenio tolenio at sentex.net
Wed Nov 6 09:08:12 EST 2002

Hello All,

Someone had asked the status of Fred Jansen's apple collection.  I asked
Shelly of Woodwinds Nursery and here is her response.


On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, Shelly Paulocik wrote:

> Dear Tom,
>  Yes, I've already had some response from your news on NAFEX's site. Thanks
> for spreading the word.
> As for Fred's orchard. The property has changed hands for a second time
> since Fred and Walda left there. The current owner is Steve Reis (I think).
> He doesn't value the orchard much, although I wrote him a letter about two
> years ago trying to explain the unique gem he owned. He gave me permission
> to gather  material in April of 2000. Thankfully things were still dormant
> and I got a lot of varieties, almost all of which went to the genebank
> (Margie Luffman is curator). At that time about a third of the trees were
> girdled by voles, and the all the trees were suffering the stresses of the
> past few growing seasons and the lack of care. I figured, in real terms, it
> was the last collecting that was going to happen there. Since then I
> understand that horses have been turned into the orchard, which probably
> assures that nothing of value is left.
> For two or three years when the orchard was first sold, Rose Janson, Fred's
> daughter who lives on the northeast corner of the original property, was
> given yearly leases to operate (as much as she was able) the collection
> orchard. There was also a 'production' orchard. I'm fairly certain she
> hasn't been given that for this past year. It would be best to talk to her
> directly and double check these facts. Unfortunately I haven't been able to
> put my hand on the card with her or Walda's number.
> If you want to contact Steve his address is 953 Kirkwall Rd., R.R. #1,
> Dundas ON L9H 5E1, 1-519-740-3607. Again, Rose might be able to advise you,
> but I have the sense that he doesn't want a lot of people interferring with
> his property, so you have to be thoughtful in your approach.
> Hope this helps.
> Shelly

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