[NAFEX] acorns

nottke nottke1 at earthlink.net
Tue Nov 5 09:10:48 EST 2002

I wonder if the tannin content is the reason that turkeys prefer White Oak
acorns over Red Oak?  I have also noticed that the turkeys prefer
unsprouted White Oak acorns over sprouted ones.

>The acorns of white oaks and their relatives in the white oak "group" tend
>to have the least amount of tannins in them.  These tannins are what causes
>the bitter flavor in acorns.  For this reason acorns from trees in the white
>oak "group" were/are most often used by Native Americans to make their
>flour.  Bur oaks have the largest acorns in my area.  It is somewhat

Jim Nottke
Pfafftown, NC
Hardiness Zone 7A

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