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Mike Levine mlevine at umich.edu
Mon Nov 4 18:55:04 EST 2002

I meant to send this a few days ago, but was having problems posting to this
list.  I've managed to get around the problem, but not solve it.

I have to admit that a friend of mine bought an apricot as a wedding present
from Southmeadow which to his dismay, never showed up, but I must say I've
had good experiences ordering with Hartmann's.  Granted, they did get one
order wrong, but when I called up to complain they didn't hesitate to ship
out the correct material and to let me keep the material they mistakenly
sent.  Thanks for the info though, I'll be careful ordering from them in the
future.  Any recommendations on alternative (wholesale) nurseries to order
from that are nearby and have a comparable selection of plants?

Gordon's frozen persimmons were excellent, if I had a bunch (someday...)
that I wanted to preserve, I would freeze most of them this way.

Mike Levine
Nature and Nurture, LLC
Ann Arbor, MI
Organic Gardening, Edible Landscaping, and Ecological Restoration

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  I agree on the peat and on Southmeadow.
     I bought from them years ago and though I got the stock, one apple had
such a bad case of virus I pulled it.  But besides that, about six months
after getting the order I got a nasty phone call from the nurseryman,
Grootendorst, wanting to know why I hadn't paid.  I had the canceled check,
so I ended that in a hurry.  But I found a lot of other people who reported
the same thing,  There are at least three nurseries in the U.S. that are
about that bad, if not worse.  One is Northwoods/One Green World which sends
out all kinds of undersized, mislabled (deliberately in some cases) stock.
Another is Hartmann's, which is also money-driven and also sends out
mislabled stuff.  Thats on the customer end.  On the business end, it's even
     Sorry, one of my peeves is nurseries that cheat.  That's one reason I
think so highly of Ed Fackle -he has always delivered quality stuff that's
true to name and well tested.
  =Lon Rombough

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