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Mon Nov 4 15:01:47 EST 2002

Lon & the rest,

Yes, I've had trouble w/ nurseries too, mostly herbaceous plant places.

The one which never sent nor refunded $100+ worth of plants I bought was one 
which was family-owned and the manager suffered some long illness.  But as 
far as I ever knew, the recovered or new manager didn't make much effort to 
backtrack the outstanding accounts.

Other troubles have been from places I've worked at-- or TRIED to work at !  
It amazes me these places can stay in business, they way they treat their 
employees & customers !  And much of the activity was technically legal !


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>In my case, I was speaking not just from the customer's side, but from
>having worked for the places I mentioned.  Saw some unspeakable practices
>that made me leave lest someon think I would do such things.
>-Lon Rombough
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>without passing any judgment on anybodies specific case,  the realities of
>small nurseries providing trees of a hundred varieties makes for ample
>opportunity to end up with some disappointed customers - planning and
>inventory managment are difficult at best,  handling orders of less than 10
>trees of assorted varieties,  expectations of trees the size of the 3 YO
>potted specimans such as you see at walmart etc etc - no excuse for poor
>manners or dishonest dealing of course,  but I would suggest we assume the
>best,  be slow to cast stones or to paint anyone with a broad brush - DOUD

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