[NAFEX] Of rabbits and OHxF/accidental bonsai...

tanis cuff tanistanis at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 4 12:58:22 EST 2002

Mr. F. Bunny,

I was just about to post a question on pears & rootstocks.  I have one of 
those questions re an unknown variety (maybe the same unknown as the 'St 
Sophie' from that fellow in Ontario some weeks ago) behaving differently on 
2 rootstocks.  Grows like a weed on Bartlet and on OHxF 333, but eventually 
always rejected by the OHxF.  Not really a problem, in the big picture, 
because I'm thinking I'm due to add more cross-pollinators to my mix.  Bloom 
time for "my" pear is between the local wild plums and the first apples.  
Any suggestions from the more experienced pear people out there, for a 
variety to graft onto the OHxF ?

Tanis Cuff, southern WI, zone 4 (zone 5 the last few winters !)

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>Subject: [NAFEX] Of rabbits and accidental bonsai...
>Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 01:56:28 -0800 (PST)
>Several years ago I started experimenting with pears in regard rootstocks, 
>variety, and fireblight resistance for my area.
>I have had excellent results with OHxF 333 and OHxF 282 with one minor 
>My Seckles on OHxF seem to produce bonsai trees.   And cute as they are, 
>they are simply not what I had in mind.    These trees were about 14 inches 
>tall in their 6th year and pencil width in diameter.   By contrast 
>everything else on these rootstocks is consistent in size and around 8 feet 
>in the 6th year.
>Now I understand that Seckle is normally a medium sized tree around 12-14 
>feet maximum, so I expected something of dwarfing effect on the OHxF 
>rootstocks  I chose, but I anticipated a mature tree around 8 feet, not a 
>I suspected that perhaps the scion wood I used had a latent virus, but I 
>obtained the wood from Corvallis and the index was clean.   Still unable to 
>unravel this mystery, I took a couple of buds from one of the existing 
>trees and grafted it onto a Harrow Sweet tree that was also on OHxF 333 
>(started in the same year as the Seckles), this tree is around 8 feet tall 
>and has fruited.
>Anyway I got about 15 inches of growth of the Seckle scion when grafted 
>onto harrow sweet.   Therefore I do not think a virus is the problem.
>So that makes me think of incompatibility, which would seem rather odd as I 
>have never heard any reported and Magness (Comice x Seckle) probably does 
>better on OHXF rootstocks than on anything else and exhibits no 
>compatibility problems.
>Anyway I am curious if others have grafted Seckle on OHxF 333 or OHxF 282 
>and what the results have been.
>Very truly yours,
>the fluffy bunny
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