[NAFEX] off topic - voles?

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Mon Nov 4 13:09:15 EST 2002


In my experience voles are larger than mice and have a roundish, plump body'


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My kittens found a new "outdoor toy" on Halloween.  It was about the
size of a mouse, with short, grey mouse-like fur.  But the tail was
shorter than an inch, and the face didn't look quite right for a mouse
- maybe the ears were too small?  (The death-grimace didn't help the
ID.)  Also, the rump seemed more square and chubby than the mice I've

Is this a vole?

They have also killed a chipmunk, so I'm optimistic that they will
improve the yeild of my currants next year.  :)

Ginda Fisher
eastern Mass., zone 6
A couple of hard frosts, and the leaves are starting to fall.

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